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Pop-up Menu Tutorial! by legioKat
Pop-up Menu Tutorial!
This tutorial explains how to make pop up menus that can keep track of stats, so you don't have to go to a specific spot in your game to see your stats, they will just show up at the click of a button then hide itself again when you click a button. 

This can be kind of confusing, so bear with me. I really recommend you looking at Pacthesis 's tutorial and then my other tutorials if this doesn't make sense to you. 
(PS: The Go button doesn't work, navigate with the buttons at the bottom of the screen!)


If you have questions, double check that you're naming everything right, don't have stuff in the wrong places, don't have typos..... but if you need help, comment below with your code and your problem (if flash gives you an error message, deciphering that can almost always lead to code resolutions! Someone will answer hopefully eventually! If I don't answer, it's because I don't know or it's something explained in my other tutorials/already answered in the comments. 

Also point out if there are any bugs in this, I rushed this project and had problems saving the file... Stay Flashy! :3
Random lineart! by legioKat
Random lineart!
Idk what this is. I just felt like doodling, then lost interest and didn't feel like coloring it in because the program I used to draw this doesn't have a little paint bucket, and it would have been wayy too much effort (for me because i'm lazy)to paint it all in. Maybe I'll color it later.... (probably not muehe)

Feel free to download it yourself and color it in if ya feel like!  If you do happen to color it in yourself link it in the comments, I'd love to see it :)
AN INTERACTIVE VISUAL NOVEL (teaser)--Voyage by legioKat
(I say teaser because this may or may not be an actual project I continue working on; I made this in a rush so didn't put much thought into characters, which is why their quotes are kinda boring. Perhaps I'll continue this some day! This thing has some typos/misspellings but I'm too lazy to change them, sowwry. Anyways.... until next time....)

You live in the small fictional territory called Felm which is known for their mining industries, specifically precious stones. Despite being rather small, the thought of diamonds and sapphires catch the attention of a band of pirates who rage your hometown in the middle of the night in a surprise attack. Many civilians are fatally injured during the incident and livelihoods ruined by the barbarians. Before the raid can continue to ruin Felm you strike a deal with the band of pirates, where you sacrifice yourself to be their personal deckhand/ship servant in return for a total ceasefire, arguing that Felm is quite small and isn't worth it in the long term to drain it of its resources where as you would be much more beneficial than a sack of rocks. The pirates take interest in your offer and before you know it, you are whisked away aboard the SS Drakken with complete strangers where you will have to maneuver your way through tricky situations where one wrong step could send you overboard... that is if one of the crew members doesn't have your head first! But never fear! Noting your courageous act the Felm Navy and other individuals are determined to take back what is rightfully theirs. But, after spending time abroad with high profile criminals, do you really think it's right to go back? 

How will you manage your new lifestyle? Will you accept your new status as a bandit and befriend the crew, or will you plot an escape back home to your family? Go on countless adventures; get to know the crew of the Drakken and maybe you will come to find these pirates are more than thieves; secretly communicate with the Navy Commander, determined to find you, and arrange your escape; rise to infamy among the pirates, or honorably return to your hometown....

It's all up to you! An interactive Visual novel where your decisions affect your relationship with other characters! 
Sound controls on bottom left hand corner
Roll over characters to see more information
"Go" arrow is disabled
music is copyright & royalty free, download here:…

Want to make a visual novel with Flash? Want to make a dating sim with Flash AS2.0? Check out my gallery for some fun pointers :)
Hey all!

Just a little update to prove I'm not dead or kidnapped or MIA. Now that it is summer time, I have more time to do stuff on here (not really a promise to actually get anything done though)! I still probably will play around with some tutorials, but they won't be as exciting or groundbreaking since I'm still only used to AS2, and AS3 is the most used script...  :'( 

Anyways, I have some projects that I'm currently working on; they're in the super draft stage so I am holding back from putting out any promos to lessen disappointment when they don't get done, aha.I still love making little teasers and mini projects, so expect to see a hand full of those. I'm also working on improving my actual artistic abilities... :3

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves, and remember if there is any question regarding tutorials, best bet is to note me. Also, if I haven't answered your comment on one of my things I probably don't know the answer to it and am trying to figure it out myself (I'm not trying to be a mean bean).

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Hey Guys!

I'm your everyday, average, artist who likes to doodle mainly and has general knowledge with Flash (AS2). I've done tutorials about flash and post random doodles/other flash projects as well.

Stay amazing :-)

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TrainxHeartnet Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015
I wish I knew some way to contact you -_- I really wish I could still access that tutorial I cant find any other way to do it
TrainxHeartnet Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015
Do you happen to know how to make a menu? I looked at your tutorial and i know how to make it pop up and leave but do you happen to know how i insert items and their number counters into the menu so that it closes with the menu?
TrainxHeartnet Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
Well I did know you tutorial on pop up menus seems to have been taken down
legioKat Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I took it down a while ago because it was actually flawed. Variables weren't changing within the symbol; I haven't had a chance to look at it again. I decided to take it down because it could confuse some people. Sorry for any inconvenience, I've been busy lately. :(
TrainxHeartnet Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015
Oh thats ok I figured you were busy I know we all have a life outside of deviant =] I was actually looking for a way to make a popup menu but I haven't been able to locate a tutorial on it yours was the only one of seen I didn't know yours was flawed though do you happen to know of a way to make one?
(1 Reply)
TrainxHeartnet Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015
Ok so i figured out that problem i had so thank you very much i actually have everything figured out more or less except on how to make an exp box so you can see how far along you are with the guys i get thats a dynamic box but when code would i use so that it would work? like once it gets to 100 you can date them and what not and how to stop the day at a certain day like if i want the game to end in 50 days wold i have to put something in the sleep button code for that to work? im actually working on a test game right now and i came across these problems so i figured id ask =]

Thanks for all your help btw iv gotten so far with all the help youve given me Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] Thank You Hearts Sign 
legioKat Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
1. the exp 100 thing

You would actually put this on the "date" button or whatever you want to click to go on the date. 
It would be a simple

on(release){   \\when I click this button

if((exp >=100) && (hp >= 10)){     \\If my exp with this guy is greater than or equal to 100 AND I have at least 10 or more hp
root.gotoAndPlay("sureletsdate");     \\show this frame
exp += 10;     \\and add 10 exp (because you get exp when you date ppl
hp -= 10;      \\and subtract 10 hp (because dating takes energy)
}else if(exp<100){   \\but, if exp is less than 100
this.enabled = fase;     \\this button is not clickable

---^^ this would go on the date button or whatever you want to click. If you want to make it so there are different dates depending on how "deep" you  are in the relationship,  send me a note. If you want any date specs just send me a note. I might even feel like making a tutorial on it; I haven't looked at flash in ages. 

2. stop at 50 days

Yeah, you would do a simple thing on the sleep button. If you have a normal sleep button, it says something like:

day += 1;
hp += 50;

or something. There are fancy ways of making it so you can't go crazy on the sleep button and jack up 50098309123098470 hp, or so you can have the date show up, or something of the sorts. But this is what you should have basically. Every time you sleep, you add a day and restore energy somehow or another. 

To make the game stop on day 50 or something, you use an if function on your sleep button.

on(release){   \\when I click this button

if(day < 50){  \\if it is less than day 50
day += 1;      \\ add one day
hp += 50;     \\ and add 50 hp
}else if(day == 50){   \\BUT if it IS day 50 
_root.gotoAndPlay("lastday");  \\go play this frame (like the one where you ask the player to go pick out a guy or something)

and that's it. Any more complicated questions, go ahead and send me a note. Or just keep posting on my profile. It's whatever. Hope it helped
xinshin Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday~ ^^
Ladycandy2011 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist





legioKat Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
(sorry for the late reply, I've just started doing stuff on DA again lately)

Thank you very much for the wishes. Those are some awesome emoticons^^

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